In "Memoirs of the Molineux Family." Gisborne Molineux traces the evolution of the name, crests and significant ancestors from the Castle Molineux near Rouen,  France through the growth of the Molineuxes in England's North and Midlands. The text is published on this site as an aid to other genealogists tracing their Molineux ancestry. Privately published in 1882, it traces the evolution of the Molineux family in England from the time of the Conquest, beginning with William de Moulins in the 11th century AD.

This electronic version of Gisborne's work has been modified in format to utilize todays technology. However, all attempts have been made to insure that the text accurately follows Gisborne's original work. The Molineux name is spelled a variety of ways within this text, following the spelling within the original work.

Genealogy of William Molyneux and His Decendents, originally from the book, "Molyneux Genealogy," written by Nellie Zada Rice Molyneux in 1904. This branch emigrated to the United States in 1620 and was the first to settle in Sullivan County, PA. Information at this site traces certain Molyneux family ancestors from the 11th century.

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Molyneux at Jamestown. Upon the the Monument of The Earliest Settlers to the right is listed Richard Molyneux, gentleman. This being one of the First Molineux's to come to America.

But what about our really ancient ancestors? DNA is revealing some new facts about the origin of our Molineux ancestors. Where were we 30,000 years ago?