Links to DNA Resources

International Molyneux Family Association DNA Project
Family Tree DNA, most popular testing company
DNA Testing Labs, testing options, pricing and information for several labs
NIST Marker Standards, comparison of testing lab results to NIST standards
Testing Standards (PDF 6 Mb), in depth article on Y-Chromosome testing
The Genetic Genealogist, Adding DNA to the Genealogist's Toolbox
Genetic Genealogy, Using DNA Testing for Family Research, general information, general information & testing.
Oxford Ancestors, site related to Sykes (author of Seven Daughters of Eve)
Genographic Project, massive project by National Geographic & IBM
Cyndi's List - DNA, Links to various resources
Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, searchable collection of DNA and corresponding genealogical information
YBASE, "genealogy by numbers" searchable y-chromosome database
Ysearch, searchable y-chromosome database
Y-Chromosome STRs , y-chromosome STR information, links
ISOGG, International Society of Genetic Genealogy
DNA 101, Great background explanation on the Blair dna site.
Contexo, Detailed explanations of the chemistry around dna
Genetic Genealogy and Telephone Tag, basic explanation of Y-Chromosome mutation
Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms, listen and learn ...