William de Moulins William I.
Vivian de Moulins William II.
Robert de Molineux Stephen.
Sir Richard Molineux Henry V. and VI.
Sir Richard and Richard his son Henry VI., 1441
When the office was made hereditary in his family.
Richard Molineux, Esq. Henry Vi. and Edward IV.
Thomas Molyneux Henry IV.
Lawrence Molyneux William I.
Sir Edmund Molineux Elizabeth, 1584
Sir Richard Molyneux Elizabeth, 1588
Richard, Viscount Molyneux James I.



Caryll, 3rd Viscount Molyneux, Lancashire
Charles William, 3rd Earl of Sefton, Lancashire
William Philip, 4th Earl of Sefton, Lancashire



Sir John Molyneux, of Crosby. Grand Council at Westminster,
   17 Edward II.
Ricardus Le Moulineux,
   de Croseley, miles
County of Lancaster, 1312
William de Moulins. County of Buckingham, 2nd Parliament
   at Gloucester, Richard II.
Ric. Molyneux County Lancaster, ditto.
Edmund Molyneux Ludlow, Parliament at Westminster,
   1 Edward VI.
Richard Molineux Liverpool, 5 Elizabeth, 1563.
John Molineux County Notts, 1563.
John Molineux Liverpool, 1585.
Richard Molineux County Lancaster, 1585.
Richard Molineux County Lancaster
Sir Thomas Molineux, Knt County Lancaster, 1592
Sir Richard Molineux County Lancaster, 1603.
Samuel Molyneux Mallow, Ireland, 1613.
Daniel Molyneux Strabane, 1613.
Sir Richard Molineux, Bart. County Lancaster, 1625.
Sir Richard Molineux, Knt. and Bart County Lancaster, 1628.
Adam Molyneux Longford, 1660.
William Molyneux Dublin, 1691.
William Molyneux Dublin University, 1694.
The Right Hon. Samuel Molyneux Dublin University and borough of Bossiney, England
Thomas Molineux Preston, Lancashire, 1695.
Sir Francis Molyneux, Bart.,
   of Teversal
County Notts, 1701-1702.
The Right Hon. Sir Capel Molyneux, Bart. Clogher, 1761. Dublin University.
George Molyneux Granard.
Crisp Molineux King's Lynn., 1784.
Charles William, Viscount Molyneux South Lancashire, 1832.



Ricardus Mollineux Lancashire, 1397.
Edmund Molineux Buckinghamshire, 1475
Thomas Molineux, arm. Lancashire, 1476.
Sir Richard Molineux, Knt. Lancashire, 1556.
Francis Molineux Derbyshire, 1566.
Francis Molineux Nottinghamshire, 1581.
Sir Richard Molineux, Knt. Lancashire, 1589.
Sir Richard Molineux, Knt. Lancashire, 1597.
John Molineux Nottinghamshire, 1609.
Sir John Molyneux, Knt. & Bart. Nottinghamshire, 1611.
Francis Molineux, of Mansfield Nottinghamshire, 1662.
Darcy Molineux Nottinghamshire, 1687.
Sir Charles Molyneux, Bart. Nottinghamshire, 1748.
Rigby Molineux Lancashire, 1749.
Crisp Molineux Norfolk, 1767.
George Molineux Staffordshire, 1791.
Sir Capel Molyneux, Bart. Armagh, 1867.



Adam Molineux, LL.D. Chichester, 1445.
Adam Molineux Salisbury, 1441.
Adam Molineux Salisbury, 1440.
James Molineux Richmond.
Henry Molyneux Exeter, 1489.
John William Henry Molyneux Ely, 1879.
Edm. Molineux Minor Pars Altaris, 1518
   Sarum - Valor £2.¹
R. Molineux Minor Pars Altaris, 1521
   Sarum - Valor £2.¹
William Hamilton Molineux Wobaston, Collegiate Church of St. Peter,
   Wolverhampton, 1831.
George Fieldhouse Molineux Wobaston, 1840.

1. Note.—Cole MSS.