The Jamestown Story

jamestwn.jpg (12877 bytes)The First permanent English settlement in the New world, and the point where Captain John Smith landed 13 years before the Pilgrims disembarked at Plymouth.

Where you walk today Seventeenth Century Englishmen walked.

They left behind a heritage of Law, Language and Customs...a way of lifejamtwnmr.jpg (10934 bytes)

Here is the place! The site of the first permanent English-speaking settlement in North America. The meeting place of the first representative legislative assembly of 1619. And for 92 years, the first capital of virginia from 1607 to 1699

Upon the the Monument of The Earliest Settlers to the right is listed Richard Molyneux, gentleman. This being one of the First Molineux's to come to America.
(noted by the two dots in the picture to the right)

(Below is an enlarged view of his name which is marked by the red dots)

Molyneux.JPG (6301 bytes)

The handsome guy in the top photo is Larry T. Molineux brother of James L. Molineux (who is doing this Web Site) sons of Richard T. Molineux who is the son of Thomas George Leslie Molineux