Genealogy of William Molyneux
and his Descendants

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LORDS OF SEFTON ----- Mulins, Molinus, Molinex, Molino, Molyneux, Molineux, and Molyneaux.

Records show that in our branch today, only two spellings are found: Molyneux and Molyneaux. For convenience sake, all names in this book are spelled Molyneux.

The following pages were taken, in part, from the book, Molyneux Genealogy, written by Nellie Zada Rice Molyneux, copyrighted in 1904. I have listed the sons and daughters of each family. However, only our direct line from Vivian in the eleventh century to William who settled in Sullivan County will be numbered.

I. VIVIAN DE MOLYNEUX and his brother, Captain William Molyneux, were the soldiers, men-at-arms under William the Conqueror, coming to England in 1066. Vivian had two descendants: Adam and Richard.

II. ADAM DE MOLYNEUX, eldest son of Vivian, gave a grant of land in Mulling to the Church of the Virgin Mary at Corksands, sealed with his seal of the Cross Molines, f , and bearing the legend "S. Adam's de Molineux" Adam married Annota Garnett only daughter and heiress of Benedict de Garnett, Lord of Speke, County of Lancashire. Adam and his wife had three children: Gilbert, Robert, and Swyrd.

III. ROBERT DE MOLYNEUX married Beatrix de Villers. Issue of this marriage (from whom descended Earls of Sefton, our branch), Irish branch, and Nottinghamshire. Robert and his wife had four children: Richard, Simon, Vincent, and John.

IV. RICHARD MOLYNEUX was known as Richard Molyneux of Sefton, Little Crosby and Speke. Richard married Edith de Botiller, sister of Alinerice de Botiller of Wernington. They had two sons: Adam and Robert. Richard later married Emma Davis, and they had six children: William, Thomas, Peter, John, Agnes, and Alice. Alice married her cousin Robert, son of Simon.

V. ADAM DE MOLYNEUX married Lettice Brenley. Adam had a Forestship in County of Lancashire in 1228. Adam had two sons: William and Roger.

VI. WILLIAM MORE MOLYNEUX married Margaret de Thornton, daughter of Sir Allende Thornton of the County of Leicester. William belonged to the most noble Order of the Garter. William had two sons: Richard and Roger. William is buried in Canterbury Cathedral.

VII. RICHARD MOLYNEUX married Emma Donne. They had two children: William and Alice.

VIII. SIR WILLIAM MOLYNEUX married Isabella Scarsbrick of Scarsbrick. They had two sons: Richard and Roger. William died in 1298.

IX. RICHARD MOLYNEUX married Agatha Kyralon of Lardbrook. Richard and Agatha had eight children.- William, Roger, Richard, John, Robert, Peter, Ellen, and Agatha.

X. SIR WILLIAM MOLYNEUX married Johannah Ellall, daughter and heir to Jordan Ellall, Forester of Wersdale. They had seven sons: William, Thomas, Richard, Edward, John, Robert, and Christopher. William later married Margaret Hetton Holland, daughter and heir to Sir Allen Hetton of Buthel and widow of Sir Robert Holland of Enkerston, brother to Sir Thomas Holland, Knight of the Garter. Sir William Molyneux succeeded his father in 1363. He distinguished himself at the Battle of Naveret in Spain under Edward, The Black Prince. William died in Canterbury in 1372.

XI. WILLIAM MOLYNEUX married Jane Holland, daughter of Sir Robert Holland. They had two sons: Richard and Thomas.

XII. RICHARD MOLYNEUX married Ellen Urswick, daughter of Sir Thomas Urswick. Richard's wife, Ellen, later married Sir Thomas Savage. Richard and his wife had five children: Richard . Adam, Robert, Annie, and Katherine. Adam, Richard's son, was killed in Portsmouth in 1450.

XIII. RICHARD MOLYNEUX fought at the Battle of Agincourt, held several important local offices by royal-appointment, and was the last of the family successfully to oppose the growing power of the Stanleys. He married Helen Harrington, daughter of Sir William Harrington of Hombie, Lancashire. They had two daughters: Anne and Margaret. Richard's second wife was Joan Haydock, daughter of Gilbert Haydock of Bradley, Lancashire and widow of Sir Peter Leigh Knight of Lyme. Richard and Joan had eleven children: Richard, Thomas, John, Robert, Henry, Gilbert, Edmund, William, Catherine, Genett, and Elizabeth.

XIV. THOMAS MOLYNEUX married Elizabeth Markham, daughter of Lord of East Markham. Thomas and Elizabeth had three children: Robert, Elizabeth, and Anna. Thomas later married Catherine Cotton, and they had two children: Edmund and John. Thomas was Councillor to Henry IV. He died in 1506.

XV. EDMUND MOLYNEUX married Jane Cheney of Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire. Edmund graduated B. A., July IO, 1510. Edmund seems to have been a sound lawyer. Edmund and Jane had five sons: Francis, John, Edmund, Thomas, and Robert. Edmund died in 1552. Edmund's son, Thomas, was the beginning of the Irish line.

XVI. JOHN MOLYNEUX of Mullenwoods married Annie Flannigan, widow of Sir Thomas Flannigan. They had two children: John and Anne. John died in 1591.

XVII. JOHN MOLYNEUX married Joone. It is not known if this is a first or last name. They had three children: John , William, and Jone. William, their second son, settled in America in 1620 at Plymouth, where he died in the first sickness on February 3, 1621.

XVIII. JOHN MOLYNEUX was a weaver by trade. He married Sara - last name is unknown. They had three children: John , Willye, and Sara.

XIX. JOHN MOLYNEUX also a weaver by trade. It is not known who John married. He had one child, William.

XX. WILLIAM MOLYNEUX married Margaret Atherton and settled in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. The story of William Molyneux and his descendants is contained elsewhere in this Genealogy.

The preceding is from "Genealogy of William Molyneux and His Descendants", dated October, 1976 by Louise E. Molyneux Woodhead and in 1936 by George Molyneux Pardoe. It also contains "an historical sketch of the Molyneux, Bird and Warren Families. The first settlers in what is now Sullivan County, Pennsylvania."